Member of the Science Advisory Committee

Edwina Taborsky received her PhD from the University of Toronto. She has published four books, over 30 peer-reviewed articles, and at least 50 conference papers on relevant subjects. She has also organized two major conferences dealing with semiosis, evolution and energy in the realms of physics, biology and computer science.

Institutional Affiliation

Retired. Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada

Some Relevant Publications

2008  “Biological organisms as semiosic systems: the importance of strong and weak anticipation”; pp. 146-187. In SIGNS, online journal.

2007a “Biological Organisms as Semiosic Systems”. International Society for Biosemiotic Studies, online journal.

2007b “Morphological Semiosis”. In book: Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development. Eds. R. Gudwin and J. Queiroz. Idea Group Inc.

2006 “Sign as a WFF (Well formed formula)”. Proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems. AIP. American Institute of Physics. Edited by D. Dubois. [Received Best Paper Award with Crystal Belgium at 2005 Conference, Liege, Brussels.]

2005 ‘Three Modes of Anticipation: Complex Interface Relations”. In: Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems. Edited by. D. Dubois. American Institute of Physics.

Areas of Interest

Definition of information as ‘morphological reality’, anticipation of morphological reality, control of anticipatory processes, habit-formation of morphological reality, chance or diversity capacities of morphological reality, different modes of space and time in morphological reality, examination of above in biological systems, societies as morphological realities.