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Bob Logan has a variety of experiences as an academic involved in research in complexity theory, information theory, biology, environmental science, linguistics, industrial design and media studies. He has been a physics professor at the University of Toronto since 1968 and now Professor Emeritus. He is currently the Chief Scientist of Strategic Innovation Lab at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Origins Institute, McMaster University and also at the Institute of Biocomplexity and Informatics, University of Calgary.

He published with and collaborated with Marshall McLuhan. He was also active in the business world as described below. He was active in politics from 1974 to date. Among his many activities he served as an advisor to PM Pierre Eliot Trudeau, policy chair of the Ontario wing of the federal Liberal Party and an advisor to various federal cabinet ministers. He is also an author or editor of 11 books listed below and many articles in refereed journals.

Institutional Affiliation

Prof. – Emeritis – Physics – Univ of Toronto
Chief Scientist – Strategic Innovation Lab – Ontario College of Art and Design
Senior Fellow – Origins Institute – McMaster University

Some Relevant Publications

What is Information? U of Toronto Press. Forthcoming

Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan. Hampton Press. 2010.

The Extended Mind: The Emergence of Language, the Human Mind and Culture. U.of Toronto Press. 2007.

The Alphabet Effect. Hampton Press 2004. (1st edition 1986. New York: Wm. Morrow)

The Sixth Language: Learning a Living in the Internet Age. Blackburn Press 2004.
(1st edition 2000. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing; Mandarin Edition ISBN 986-7964-05-5).

Collaborate to Compete: Driving Profitability in the Knowledge Economy. with Louis W. Stokes. 2004. Wiley. (Mandarin Edition ISBN 7-5080-3669-7).

Areas of Interest

Media ecology, Information theory, Linguistics, Design, Physics



2 Responses to “Robert K. Logan”

  1. Ronn Letterman Says:

    Mr. Logan,
    We share similar interest. A most important question is, what is you current view on the source of all alphabets?
    A few minutes of your time and it would clarify more than a decade of work in my field, which is commonly known as Mnemonics.
    Ronn Letterman

  2. Bob Logan Says:

    Dear Ron – sorry for the delay but just found this post this morning – the source of all phonetic alphabets is the original alphabet developed in Sinai by the Kennites of Biblical fame (Jethro’s people) from whence it spread from Europe to the Indian sub-continent. The one exception is the Korean alphabet which was developed independently.

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