Member of the Science Advisory Committee

(Engineer from Universidad de Zaragoza and Doctor in cognitive neuroscience, PhD Thesis on “Natural Intelligence”, Universidad de Barcelona, 1989) is senior researcher at the Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud, where he leads the “Bioinformation Group” and former Director of the SAMCA Chair at the Engineering School of the University of Zaragoza (CPS). During more than 20 years, he has advanced research on the nature of information & communication, and on biological intelligence, looking at both the molecular-cellular and organismic (brain) realms: He was co-founder with Michael Conrad of FIS (Foundations of Information Science); organizer and co-organizer of several relevant international conferences. Author of numerous works, among them The Dual Brain (book in Spanish: “El cerebro dual”).

Institutional afiliation

Senior Researcher at the Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud (I+CS), Zaragoza, Spain

Membership at the boards of scientific organisations in the field

Co-founder with Michael Conrad of FIS (Foundations of Information Science)

Scientific Board of BITrum Research Group

Some relevant publications

The Dual Brain (book in Spanish: “El cerebro dual”), Editorial Hacer, Barcelona (1997).

Editor of two special issues on FIS: Foundations of Information Science, Journal BioSystems (1996, 1998).

Editor FIS special issue Journal Symmetry: Culture and Science (1997).

Editor special issue on Information Science at Cybernetics and Human Knowledge (1998).

Editor special issue Cajal and Consciousness at the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences(2001).

Organisation of Scientific Gatherings in the field

Organizer and co-organizer of several international conferences in the FIS field (Madrid 1994, Vienna 1996, Paris 2005, Beijin 2010);

International Cajal Conference (Zaragoza, 1999);

regular series of conferences “Ateneo del CPS”;

several “Encuentros de Neurociencias” (2005-07);

“Foros Tecnológicos y Empresariales” (2006-08).

Areas of interest

Information science, bioinformation, symmetry, cognitive neuroscience, social communication, emotions (laughter), human bonds & social complexity, epistemology, philosophy of science, interdisciplinarity & overlapping of scientific fields, nature of art.

More information

Personal website:<>



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