BITagora (where the words BIT -standing for Information- and agora -the classic Greek place for congregation- are brought together) is posed as an arena of discussion on information concerns and public stage of the Science of Information Institute.

It plans to host -besides information about the Institute-:

  • Interviews with relevant scientist within the field of information
  • Books reviews concerning Science of Information
  • Meeting reports on Information Studies
  • Themes of relevance for the Science of Information

2 Responses to “What is BITagora?”

  1. Dear Wolfgang, I have read your interview and it pleased me to learn that you are working in this area. I have too believe that self-organization is the way forward for designing (artificial) complex adaptive systems like business information systems and societal information systems.

    1. jnafria Says:

      Thank you, Dr. Patel, for your interesting comment. In any case, I believe it were more appropriate to leave it in the interview to Prof. Hofkirchner. This page has a more general scope, concerning the objectives of BITagora. If you re-enter the comment in the corresponding page, I would remove it from this page. Thank you, again.

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