Francisco Salto studied in the Ruhruniversität Bochum (Germany) and was visiting scholar in Leuven (Belgium) and Princeton (New Jersey, USA). He is professor of Logic at the University of León, Spain since 2002 and collaborates with the Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and Information at the University of the Basque Country. He is member of the Scientific Committee of the Science of Information Institute (SoII), of the Research Group on Philosophical Logic at the Universidad de Salamanca, of the Humanities Quality Research Group at the Universidad de León, of the Unified Theory of Information Research Group (UTI), of the editorial board of the journal TripleC. His research on mathematical logic and philosophy has been published in different papers and journals.

Institutional Affiliation

Ph. D., Prof. – Universidad de León

Membership at the boards of scientific organisations in the field

BITrum group

Scientific Board SOII

Unified Theory of Information Research Group (

Association for Symbolic Logic

Sociedad Española de Filosofía Analítica

Some Relevant Publications

F. SALTO (2009) “Identity, Consistency and Recursiveness” ECAP, Barcelona

G. ROBLES, J.M. MÉNDEZ, F. SALTO (2009) “Semantics for relevant logics plus the disjunctive syllogism”, Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 15/1, 123-124.

G. ROBLES, J.M. MÉNDEZ, F. SALTO (2008) “Relevance Logics and Intuitionistic NegatioN”, The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 14/1, 147 (2008)

J.M. DÍAZ NAFRÍA, F. SALTO (2008) Actas del I Encuentro Internacional de Expertos en Teorías de la información. Universidad de León, ISBN  978-84-9773-451-6

Organisation of Scientific Gatherings in the field

I International Meeting of Experts in Information Theories. An interdisciplinary approach (2008, León, Spain)

Colloquium BITae (2009, León, Spain)

Areas of Interest

Logic, Philosophy


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