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Wolfgang Hofkirchner, born in 1953 in Vienna, Austria, was educated as Political Scientist and Psychologist. He has been working in the field of Science–Technology–Society. He worked at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Vienna University of Technology where he gained tenure, and the University of Salzburg and was Visiting Professor at different universities in Brazil and Spain. He was appointed to several scientific societies or institutions. He founded the Unified Theory of Information Research Group and the open-access online journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, triple-C. He published more than 150 books and articles.

BITagora Interview: Wolfgang Hofkirchner, a unified approach to information

Institutional affiliation

Univ.Prof. (2004-2010) Paris-Lodron University Salzburg, Austria

ao.Univ.Prof. (2001-) Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Membership at the boards of scientific organisations in the field

Head, Unified Theory of Information Research Group, Association for the Advancement of Information Sciences (UTI)

Member of the Board, Foundations of Information Science (FIS)

Member of the Board, Scientific Society: Dynamics–Complexity–Human Systems, Vienna

Member of the Board, Austrian Computer Society (OCG)

Coordinator, ICTs-and-Society Network (ICT&S)

Editor, triple-C (Cognition–Communication–Cooperation), Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 2003-

Some relevant publications

WOLFGANG HOFKIRCHNER (forthcoming). The Great Bifurcation. Information Society at the Crossroads. Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate

WOLFGANG HOFKIRCHNER (forthcoming). Emergent Information. An Outline Unified Theory of Information Framework. Singapore: World Scientific

WOLFGANG HOFKIRCHNER (1999). The Quest for a Unified Theory of Information. Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Foundations of Information Science. Amsterdam: Gordon&Breach

Organisation of Scientific Gatherings in the field

Annual ICTs-and-Society Network Meeting, Barcelona 2010

Fourth International Conference on the Foundations of Information Science, Beijing 2010

Areas of interest

Philosophy of Information, Systems Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Science of Information, Systems Theory, Social Theory, Sociology of Technology, Information Society Studies

More information

In the UTI-site:

Contact: <>

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